Policy Summary - Forward Thinking

Last updated: 30th August 2016
  • Government
  1. Electoral reform with Direct Party and Representative Voting replacing First Past the Post for MPs
  2. House of Lords to be substantially reformed
  3. 411 councils replaced with 9 regional operations run by the individual services reporting to regulators
  4. Removal of political influence in the running of public services
  5. Members of Parliament to have outside earning capped
  6. Members of Parliament pay to be changed only by average wage levels
  7. Members of Parliament pensions to be brought into line with the rest of the working population
  • Public Opinion
  1. Mass referendums on major political, taxation, benefit and public spending changes
  2. Website opportunity for public to contribute to policies and future referendums
  • Economy
  1. Tariff free agreements to be negotiated internationally
  2. Long term phased in introduction of Land Value Tax to boost and smooth economic and regional development
  3. Advance notice of business taxation changes
  4. Replace Corporation Tax with a Turnover Tax to reduce avoidance and encourage inward investment and employment
  5. Wages to be tax deductible for companies with profit sharing incentives
  6. Replace Business Rates with a Land Value Tax
  7. Introduction of Living Wage Tax to encourage wages to a True Living Wage
  8. Similar tax on zero hour contracts
  9. Major reduction in public debt
  10. Shale gas used to enhance energy cost competitiveness
  11. Major initiatives to prevent food rejection on cosmetic grounds
  12. Agricultural subsidies to be examined to promote effective land use
  13. Effective regulators to monitor monopolised services and industries
  • Public Services
  1. Centralisation of public sector purchasing
  2. Integrated policies between services, supported by tax changes and duties
  3. Simplification of taxes to reduce collection costs and evasion
  4. Public sector employees rewarded for efficiency contributions
  5. Foreign aid expenditure widely replaced with trade benefits
  6. Linking of roads investment to public transport improvements
  7. Public sector contracts awarded to take account of wage spread and profit sharing
  • Health
  1. Health spending to be progressively linked to GDP to take account of population, technological and cost factors
  2. Health and social services to be integrated and delivered from 9 regional bodies
  3. Financial incentives to companies who provide occupational health
  4. VAT exemptions for healthy lifestyle products and services
  5. Social care revenues to rise from 1.2% of GDP to a minimum 2.3%
  6. Fundamental change for rewarding currently unpaid carers
  7. Duties introduced on sugar, salt and saturated fats
  8. Greater recreation to be included in educational establishments
  9. Euthanasia to be legalised under strict conditions
  • Education
  1. Marrying of future employment skill sets with educational curricular
  2. Vocational skill courses to gain equal merit to academic excellence
  3. Excellence of international teaching and courses to be incorporated
  4. Measurability to be restored on a percentage pass level in exams
  5. Pre primary and primary education establishments offering after hours recreation
  6. Secondary schools to offer after hours recreational and private study opportunities
  7. Life skills curricular to be incorporated for all school pupils
  8. Major initiative to encourage apprenteships
  9. Universities to examine opportunities for optional condensed courses
  • Defence
  1. Decisions on capabilities placed with services not politicians
  2. Defence expenditure to be held at 2% of GDP
  3. Diplomatic pressure on fellow NATO members to meet their targets
  4. Services to explore greater co-operation with NATO allies
  • Taxation
  1. Simplification of taxes to prevent evasion
  2. Land Value Tax to become the core of taxation, phased in to increasingly replace multiple other taxes
  3. Income Tax thresholds to be increased in the short-term before the tax is replaced
  4. Employee National Insurance cut to 5% with the difference re-directed to the Workplace Pension
  5. VAT to be applied to all products that do not have an implication for public spending
  6. Corporation Tax to be replaced by lower Turnover Tax
  7. Council tax to be incorporated into the Land Value Tax
  8. Business Rates to be incorporated into the Land Value Tax
  9. Land Stamp Duty to be incorporated into Land Value Tax
  10. Vehicle Excise Duty to be integrated with fuel duties
  11. Minimum alcohol price to be introduced
  12. Alcohol duties to recover Health costs associated with alcohol
  13. Gambling taxes brought in line with VAT
  14. Air Passenger Duty to reflect actual distance
  15. Inheritance Tax to be integrated into Land Value Tax
  16. Capital Gains Tax timing to be changed to PAYE, and treated as income
  17. Move from direct taxes to indirect taxes
  18. Tax advisers to be equally liable to tax evaders
  19. New Street cleaning tax on chewing gum and cigarettes
  20. UK to move to financial transaction tax if other EU countries adopt
  21. Develop alternative revenue streams to taxation and duty to fund greater public services
  • Environment
  1. Major move towards renewable energy
  2. All new housing to incorporate renewable energy sources
  3. Duty imposed on disposable items
  4. New street lighting to be LED
  5. DEFRA to re-evaluate the issue of GM foods
  6. Waste regulator to target zero waste to landfill
  7. Waste separation encouraged by a pay as you throw system
  8. Educational policy to reduce food wastage at household level
  9. Supermarkets, food processors and hospitality sectors to be banned from landfilling food
  10. Can and glass deposit scheme to be introduced
  11. Eco friendly materials to be built into building regulations
  12. Continued increases in landfill tax
  13. Reversal of carbon floor price reduction
  • Jobs and Welfare
  1. Evaluation and implementation of a True Living Wage to reflect regional circumstances
  2. Progressive increases in workplace pensions mainly funded by National Insurance
  3. Elimination of Corporation Tax to encourage inward investment
  • Benefits
  1. Long term move towards a means tested household income
  2. Benefits to be means tested in line with Child Benefit
  3. Realistic food element of benefits to be paid on food debit card
  4. Child benefit capped to two children at a time
  • Housing
  1. Land Value Tax to change house price inflation, construction levels and land usage
  2. Regional bodies to relax planning permission and evolve Garden Villages
  3. Uninhabited building renovation to be prioritised
  4. Government to release owned land and ease planning permissions
  5. Former non-housing public buildings to be converted into homes or offices as a revenue stream
  6. Free Housing Associations to double the number of new homes built in the public sector
  7. Private development of affordable housing projects to be encouraged
  8. Retrospective installation of solar panels in social housing
  9. Re-assess green belt policies
  10. Planning permission duty to be used to fund public housing
  11. Rented accommodation to only be undertaken through companies and monitored by legally responsible agents
  • Crime
  1. Review of police and fire services to investigate combined emergency services provision
  2. Regional breakdown of police forces to be brought in line with 9 regions
  3. Police service to determine manning levels
  4. Review of entire judicial system by a public order regulator
  5. Custodial sentences reserved for physical crimes
  6. Review of other sentencing to include punitive community work
  7. Day fines to be introduced for motoring and lesser crimes
  8. Fraud cases to be held by panel of specialists akin to tribunerals
  9. Greater use of technology to allow remote hearings and use of evidence from police body worn cameras
  10. Sentence pleas to be held outside of court
  11. Re-testing of people who have lost their driving license
  12. Rented properties to have compulsory WIDE facilities installed
  • Immigration
  1. Control of immigration to be non-negotiable in EU discussions
  2. Education married with skills needs to reduce impetus to immigration
  3. Benefits to be aligned to 10 year citizenship to reduce impetus to immigration
  4. Diplomatic pressure on NATO countries to allocate refugees according to economic strength
  5. Points system for immigration
  6. Immigration reduced to allow greater refugee assistance
  • Devolution
  1. Effective devolution within England to 9 regions
  2. Abolition of Barnett formula and preferential treatment for areas
  3. Land Value Tax to be central to a policy of regional development
  4. Infrastructure projects to prioritise the development of cities outside of London
  • Culture & Arts
  1. Referendum on TV license





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